Dr. Robert J. Dunlop Student Scholar

In 2017, the second annual Student Scholar Award was presented to Natalie Yates, a third year Au.D. student from Lamar University. Natalie was highly recommended by her professors and by other audiology professionals for her excellence in academics and professionalism, as well as her extensive involvement in community service. Congratulations Natalie, you are well deserving of this award!

We would also like to recognize these other Student Scholar nominees:

Jennica Falcon – University of Texas

Shelby Landes – University of North Texas

Stephanie Winfield – University of Texas – Dallas

We will honor a new Award recipient in The Woodlands, at the next TAA Conference in October 2018, after reviewing nominee recommendations from all five Texas University Audiology programs:

Lamar University

University of Texas – Dallas

University of North Texas

Texas Tech

University of Texas