President’s Letter

 -May 2017-


Greetings from the Scott Haug Foundation (SHF) Board of Directors!!

For thirty years the Scott Haug Audiology Retreat was a premier conference for audiologists from all over Texas and beyond. Although the Retreats are now wonderful memories, the objectives of the Scott Haug Foundation remain the same. Our goals are:

  • To help make the Texas Academy of Audiology Conference the best audiology conference in the nation;
  • To encourage membership growth in the Academy;
  • To encourage strong professional relationships between audiologists, students, leaders in our field, and our corporate sponsors;
  • To encourage Audiology students to get involved early;
  • To promote the best in education and excellence in practice;
  • To have lots of fun while accomplishing all of these goals.

We were pleased to honor Evan Mattice from UTD at last year’s TAA Convention in Frisco with the Dr. Robert J. Dunlop Memorial Scholarship Award. Each of the five Texas Universities with audiology programs nominate a candidate to receive this award. Each candidate has shown excellence in the clinic, in the classroom, and in their offsite experiences and are recommended by their professors and supervisors. We look forward to honoring the second award at this year’s conference in San Marcos!

The Board will be honoring someone this year with the Outstanding Texas Audiologist Award. This individual will have exhibited excellence in the field of audiology (in education, in private practice, in volunteerism, etc.) and will be nominated and supported by other Texas audiologists. The SHF Board will review all nominations and references over the next several months and the awardee will be recognized at the 2017 TAA convention.

It is an honor for the Scott Haug Board of Directors to introduce the Scott Haug Memorial Lecturer each year for the TAA Conference Keynote Address. We do this in memory of Scott and to the hundreds of Scott Haug Hill Country retreat past attendees.

Last year we Discoed in Frisco. This year we are SUPERHEROES! Make sure to come dressed as your favorite superhero for the dinner/dance on Friday night at the 2017 TAA Conference! Helping our patients hear better makes us ALL superheroes!!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the TAA Conference October 19-21 in San Marcos! Tell your colleagues just how much fun it was last year and encourage them to attend this year so that we can make it bigger and better!!


-J.T. Beckman, SHF Board President