Welcome to the Scott Haug Foundation!!!

After 30 successful years of running premier Audiology Retreats in the Texas Hill Country, the Scott Haug Foundation (SHF) board of directors is now focused on assisting the Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA) board of directors in making the TAA Annual Conference the best in the United States.

The Foundation’s goals include:

  • Encouraging membership growth in the Academy and also encouraging more audiologists to attend the annual conferences;
  • Encouraging strong professional relationships between audiologists, students, leaders in our field, and our corporate sponsors;
  • Encouraging Audiology students to get involved in the Academy;
  • Promoting the best in education;
  • Helping to create a unique time for memorable fun at each Conference!

Please support us by joining TAA and attending the annual TAA Conference! We continue, through this conference, to carry out our goals!